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Child Sponsorship Platform Features

Discover how the integrated features of the Nofam child sponsorship platform are designed to optimize collaboration, engagement, and impact in your charity organization. Each feature is created to support your mission and help simplify your work.

Nofam functionaliteiten - data synchronisatie, app en web adminomgeving

The Nofam-app: Interaction and impact at your fingertips

Available for Everyone

The Nofam app is easy to download and install from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With availability on both iOS and Android platforms, the app is open to a wide range of users. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, the Nofam app is just a few taps away. Thus, everyone can easily be part of our growing network.

Child profile management

With the Nofam app, managing child profiles in the sponsorship program is simple. Project staff can update data, upload photos, and manage communication, all from the app. The data is continuously synchronized with the information known to the sponsor. The result is a seamless, integrated experience that makes management efficient and easy.

Personal Interaction

The Nofam app enables personal interaction between sponsors and children. Project staff can share the sponsored child's development with the sponsor through photos and videos. The sponsor can respond to this, building a unique bond with the child. To ensure safety, all communication with the child is moderated by a project staff member. This ensures that every exchange is positive, safe, and meaningful.

Text Messages

With text messages, the Nofam app creates a platform for deepening conversations. Sponsors and project staff can respond to photos and videos, ask questions, and share experiences. These interactions can strengthen the bond between the sponsor and the child, through the project staff, and create a deeper connection. In addition, text messages can be a tool for education and cultural exchange. In short, they enrich the experience and foster a more personal connection.


Automatic Translations

With the Nofam app, language barriers are no longer an obstacle. The automatic translation feature allows you to communicate in your own language. Messages are automatically translated to the recipient's language, ensuring seamless communication. It not only makes it easier for project staff to share updates but also for sponsors to better understand their sponsored child. All of this contributes to a better connection and greater understanding among all involved.

Notifications and Reminders

With the Nofam app, you always stay informed. Project staff receive notifications of new activities and updates. In addition, there are also automatic reminders, reminding project staff when it's time to share new updates with the sponsor. These notifications are kept track of in a clear list in the app. This way, we ensure that no important event is overlooked.

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Optimize your workflow with integrations

Integration of the sponsor registration module on your own website

Data sync tussen het Nofam kindsponsoring platform en de Project Held website.

With the Nofam app, you can seamlessly integrate the sponsor registration module on your own website. This means you can engage potential sponsors directly on your site, rather than sending them to an external location. You also get the option to personalize the emails sent during the registration process, providing a consistent experience that reflects your brand. For the integration, you can choose between an easy-to-implement iFrame, with the colors in your corporate design, or a direct link to our API for a more advanced solution.

Integration with an external system

Nofam kindsponsoring platform - Beheerder aan het werk achter meerdere computerschermen. Logos van Nofam en OVAS.

For an even more streamlined operation, the Nofam app offers the possibility to integrate with external systems you are currently using. An example of this is the successful integration with the OVAS system, making data exchange between the systems smooth and efficient. Although this form of integration is considered extra work, we'd be happy to discuss it with you to see how we can best assist you. The goal is always to provide a solution that improves and simplifies your processes. Read more about it in our blog post.

"Our aim is to clear the (digital) way for charities to help as many children as possible. As a technician, I am dedicated to dissecting and simplifying the digital challenges that come with this. I build bridges between diverse organizations and systems, so we can maximize the impact of our work and enrich as many lives as possible."

Saša Radovanović - Bestuurslid Stichting Nofam.

Saša Radovanović, Digital Impact Manager

Admin environment

Projects and Team Members

Effectively organize and coordinate your projects and teams. With our management environment, you can easily manage projects and their associated team members. This way, you maintain control over your location-specific activities and ensure that each team member is aligned with the goals of the project.

Child Profiles

Ensure accurate and up-to-date child profiles. On-site project workers can manage child profiles, and you can verify this data as an overarching admin. This streamlines the flow of information and enhances the reliability of your project information.

Registration Emails

Ensure clear and timely communication with your sponsors. Manage the content and timing of registration emails so that your new sponsors always have the correct information. This promotes a smooth onboarding experience and helps earn the trust of your sponsors.

Updates and Responses

Keep your finger on the pulse of the interaction between sponsors and children. View updates and responses to better understand how your community is evolving. This can provide valuable insights to further improve your projects and adapt them to the needs of your sponsors and children.



Bridge language barriers and promote clear communication. With the ability to view translations, you can ensure that messages are correctly interpreted and understood by all involved. This can prevent misunderstandings and contributes to a smoother exchange between different language speakers.

User Statistics

Know how your projects are performing with a thorough analysis of user statistics. Receive valuable data about your users' activities, allowing you to adjust your projects and strategies based on facts. This gives you the opportunity to measure your impact and focus your efforts on what really works.