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Nofam Foundation

As the Nofam Foundation, we have been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). A donation to an ANBI is, under certain conditions, deductible in the income tax return. See the special page of the Tax and Customs Administration for more details.

Algemene gegevens

Statutaire naam: Stichting Nofam (zetel: gemeente Wierden)
Founded: 18 juli 2018

Chamber of Commerce number: 72173580
Fiscal Code (RSIN): 859015531
Bank Account (IBAN): NL77INGB0008967933

Address: J.G. Bastiaansstraat 19, 7425 HL, Deventer
Visiting address: Westeinde 19a, 7671 EK, Vriezenveen

Year Report(s)

Our Dream

The Nofam (Nova Familia) Foundation dreams of positively and sustainably changing the lives of 2 million underprivileged children. Founded in 2018, the foundation aims to amplify the societal impact of global charities. Sponsors nowadays increasingly expect involvement and transparency from charities, but the cost and complexity of this digital transition make it challenging for smaller charities with limited resources to comply. This impedes their growth as a charity and reduces their capacity to assist underprivileged children. To solve this problem, Nofam has developed the online web and app platform that connects charities with financial sponsors.

Nofam Board

Nofam was founded by Erik Jager, a passionate entrepreneur with 20 years of experience helping underprivileged children affected by the aftermath of Chernobyl, and Harout Aragelian, an entrepreneur specializing in eCommerce, who knows what it means to have to flee from war violence. In 2020, Saša Radovanović joined as the 3rd board member, believing that his purpose in life is to use his knowledge and passion in the field of IT to make the world a better place. Hence, each of us is convinced that contributing to the life of another enhances our own wellbeing and happiness.

Over the past years, we have personally invested a lot of time and finances to realize our dream of helping 2 million underprivileged children. Driven by the desire to devote ourselves daily to those who are less fortunate in life, we work together to make a difference. We are aware of the value of connections and collaborating on this mission.

Nofam aims to offer children a more hopeful future by connecting people and organizations committed to helping others. Our added value lies in utilizing our collective knowledge, experience, and talent to facilitate and strengthen these connections.

Erik Jager - Voorzitter Stichting Nofam.
Jonge Erik - Voorzitter Stichting Nofam.

Erik Jager

Visionary / Dreamer (b)

Profielafbeelding Nofam bestuurslid van Haroet Aragelian.
Profielafbeelding Nofam bestuurslid van Haroet Aragelian.

Haroet Aragelian

eCommerce Tiger (b)

Saša Radovanović - Bestuurslid Stichting Nofam.
Jonge Saša.

Saša Radovanović

Product Impact Manager (b,m)


At Nofam, we believe in the power of collaboration and technology to change the world. Our platform is specifically designed to bring together charities and sponsors worldwide, with the aim of helping underprivileged children build a hopeful future.

Nofam is proud to be part of the global effort to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By working together, we can contribute to creating a better and more sustainable future for all of us.