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What we do

Nofam provides a solution for charities dedicated to offering underprivileged children a better future, but struggle with effectively involving and retaining sponsors, and efficiently sharing information about sponsored children. We support these organizations with advice, online tools, a sponsor app, web platform, social media, and campaign tools, enabling them to increase their impact and improve their processes. Simultaneously, this helps Nofam to achieve its own goal of supporting 2 million children.

Nofam helps non-profit organizations to solve the following problems:

  • Sponsors dropping off over time:
    By strengthening the bond between sponsors and children through personal communication via the Nofam app, sponsors remain engaged and active for a longer period.

  • Time-consuming and costly provision of information about sponsored children:
    Nofam's online tools and platform make the sharing of information about sponsored children more efficient, faster, and cheaper than traditional communication methods like mail packages. Also, translations of messages currently take a lot of time (and manpower), which is automated on the Nofam platform.

  • Loss of mail packages and communication delays:
    By switching to digital communication, Nofam reduces the chance of lost or delayed information, resulting in timely and reliable communication between sponsors and children.

  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration between charities:
    Nofam promotes the exchange of best practices and experiences between charities, contributing to higher efficiency and effectiveness in the child sponsorship sector.

  • Limited resources and expertise in the field of online communication and fundraising:
    Nofam provides charities with access to expertise, technology, and support in the field of digital communication and fundraising, allowing them to better focus on their core activities.

  • Attracting and retaining sufficient sponsors:
    By improving communication and engagement between sponsors and children, Nofam helps charities to recruit more sponsors and retain existing ones.

An iPad tablet, a mobile phone and a laptop showing the Nofam app and admin environment.
Efficient management of child profiles via the management environment and Nofam app

Through the Nofam platform, disadvantaged children can communicate more easily with their sponsors through project staff. This strengthens the bond between sponsors and children, making sponsors stay involved longer and continue to contribute to the support of these children.

Nofam helps charities to enrich the lives of the children they support in a more sustainable and high-quality way by offering more effective communication tools and promoting knowledge sharing between the involved organizations. Our mission focuses on:

  • Showing disadvantaged children around the world that they are not alone, by means of the Nofam app which allows them, through the project staff, to maintain direct and personal contact with their sponsors. This makes them feel supported and understood, contributing to their self-esteem and motivation to improve their situation.

  • Helping charities to enrich the lives of the children they support in a more sustainable and high-quality way, by offering effective communication tools and promoting knowledge sharing between the involved organizations. This enables charities to work more efficiently, save resources, and better direct their efforts towards providing direct aid and support to the children. This includes both Dutch foundations with ANBI status and partner organizations in various countries.

  • Engaging child sponsors in the impact they create, and the happiness it brings. This gives child sponsors the opportunity to see how their contribution leads to a better future for disadvantaged children around the world. By increasing the involvement of child sponsors and showing them how much difference they can make, we create more awareness and responsibility for social impact and inspire others to contribute to a better world as well.